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 the yogbox 1.7.2

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the yogbox 1.7.2 Empty
PostSubject: the yogbox 1.7.2   the yogbox 1.7.2 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 10:56 am

hi everyone this is metel i was watching a video called the yogbox it's a texturepack also mob and tweek into minecraft
here is the vid also its easy to instale(also you have to get a freash minecraft folder to use it and when you use the millonare mob it well lag the game) also you got to give credit to all the people who made the mods and tweeks and to the people who try to make this possible.

heres the website to get it. (it has the download)

also the yogbox well be updated most of time to get mods and tweeks k. I'll be updateing so to see any

some mods and tweeks (mods marked (CORE) are part of the core installation)

Axebane's Mods (Mystic Ores & Mystic Ruins)
Baby Animals by cocoavalley
Scokeev9's mods (BiomeWater, ScotTools & Randomite) (CORE)
Somnia by MALfunction84
More health by nohero (CORE)
ModOptions API by Clintonxa (CORE)
GUI API by Lahwran (CORE)
Mo' Creatures by DrZhark
DaftPVF's mods (Slime Boots, Score, Starting Inventory, Treecapitator, Crystal Wing) (CORE)
Risugami's Mods (ModLoader, AudioMod, Death Chest, Shelves, More Stackables, More Arrows, Recipe Book) (CORE)
Airship (CORE) and sky pirates by Pchan3
Hogofwar's Mods (Magical Bone Sticks, Bone Torch, Biome Caves, More Dungeons, Rope!, Peaceful Pack) (CORE)
Buried Treasures by Club559 and NCrawler and Pudding Huxtable (CORE)
ConvenientInventory by Evenprime
Adds SHIFT, CTRL and ALT modifiers for inventory management. Middle clicking in an inventory will sort all items.

yeah this isthe yogbox beta 0.3 it well improve soon and hope you enjoy the mob and tweek package and credit to all hte people who try to make this possibe if any questiones please comment
(also you can only do in singl player not in multiplayer)

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the yogbox 1.7.2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: the yogbox 1.7.2   the yogbox 1.7.2 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 11, 2011 10:53 pm

Oh god I love that mod so much <3
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the yogbox 1.7.2
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