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 The ruuuules

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PostSubject: The ruuuules   The ruuuules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 4:43 pm

Okayyyyy sooooooo.....I think someone (Namely Soup or Cait) should like, add a few things to the rules? They haven't been updated since like June, and the forum has sortof changed since then. Like theres nothing about necroposting or doubleposting but no one really does that anyways.... pig elephant sunny alien YAY EMOTESS Okay that was kindof random...Mmmm I can't really think of anything besides that to add to them, and since no one does do them I guess you don't really need to change it. Ohwell. YES FIRST POST IN THIS SECTIONNNNN
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The ruuuules
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